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          You Are
          Stronger with Support
          Feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with the burdens of running a business?
          Meet The Entrepreneur's Therapist and learn how you can be stronger with support.

          Mental health, stress and anxiety relief
          for women entrepreneurs

          Are you a woman business owner who feels like you’ve hit a wall, emotionally?
          Would you like to use your emotions as a resource rather than being controlled by them?
          Are you ready to feel more self-connected, supported, and fulfilled while running your business?

          I get what you're going through because I'm a business owner myself.

          As a masters-level registered social worker, certified clinical trauma professional and certified resilience coach, I am trained to support you. 

          What People Are Saying About
          Working with shula


          I Feel Relieved to Have Someone in Whom to Confide, Someone Who Gets Me.

          Before working with Shula, everything was in my head and I wasn't able to get it out. Trying to express my feelings was intimidating, so I didn't. But then it would fester and boil over when I least wanted it to.

          Now I feel relieved to have someone in whom to confide, someone who gets me. I have someone to reach out to in tough times, so I'm not alone. Working from home can be tough, so it's nice to have someone who listens and understands what it's like to run your own business and to be a woman.

          The most important thing you should know about working with Shula is that it's a relief. I feel a little lighter after my sessions, even though it's hard sometimes to talk about myself. It's not scary. AND it's normal. I think everyone should have a Shula (even Shula!) to talk things through with. We all need a support system.

          Crystal Butler , Crystal Marketing Solutions

          Shula is Trustworthy, Warm, Non-Judgemental, and Allows You to Fully Process in a Safe Space.

          Before working with Shulamit, I was feeling stuck. I had this vision of something I wanted to create, but I had all of these external (or so I thought...) things holding me back. Throughout the course of a specific exercise, Shulamit helped me identify all of the swirling, chaotic things that were clouding my mind – and then helped me shift my perspective around them.

          After this exercise which I can only describe as truly transformational, I felt lighter. I felt my mind open again. And I felt my creativity and energy flowing. Not only is Shulamit an incredibly talented practitioner, but also she is someone you just want to be around.

          She is trustworthy, warm, non-judgemental, and allows you to fully process what needs to be processed while giving you a safe place to do so. I'm so grateful for her and I can't recommend her highly enough!

          Rai Cornell , Cornell Copywriting

          Shula Gives Empathy and Creates an Environment for Change.

          "One of the biggest issues I had was preparing myself to be actively self-employed. I was very scared. After working with Shula, I have been able to fill my schedule with clients. I still have the fear but I am able to do it anyway.

          Shula has the capacity to fully be with you no matter what is going on. She gives empathy and creates space and therefore creates the environment for change to happen. I know that I can tell her anything and she still accepts me and helps me be with it and work on it."

          J.J. Jackson , The Paperwork Maven

          I now have the tools to manage my stress and actually excel.

          I loved the TAT session I did with Shulamit. She is an incredibly compassionate healer, so I felt very comfortable. I was able to really see some of my key stressors and felt I was given the support from Shulamit and TAT to work on them.

          I run my own business and am responsible for the finances of my family and business. It's a lot of pressure, but I feel I now have the tools to manage that stress and actually excel, rather than just keep up.

          I would recommend this to anyone. I don't know anyone who is not under stress today. I think it's the most important lesson we can learn...to manage that stress and be able to give more of ourselves. The world needs us all.

          Shulamit and TAT can really make a big difference.

          Katherine Dreyer , Co-founder ChiLiving, ChiRunning, ChiWalking

          I am now able to provide more potent support and a better container to my students

          As a result of working with Shula, on a personal level, the way I listen to people has changed. I am a more conscious listener. I am more compassionate, and calmer.

          As a teacher, I am now able to provide more potent support and a better container to my students before and after class. I can simply listen without needing to provide an answer or a solution. I now know just listening is healing and supportive.

          Shulamit is so fucking cool. She inspires me to be myself and not be afraid of that.

          Tricya Morrice , Yoga Instructor

          Shulamit has a rare ability to create and hold a safe and sacred space

          Shulamit has a rare ability to create and hold a safe and sacred space where people can explore and grow. She explains everything clearly and gently, she's grounded and centred, and she leaves her ego at home.

          Tunde Nemeth

          I felt empowered to share my feelings with others

          Before I joined the Women Entrepreneurs' Support Community, I was lacking community. I realized I needed to take advantage of the opportunity of sharing with such amazing women. I felt empowered to share my feelings with others and most importantly, I started a new business with a friend.

          Shuli has an innate knack to integrate groups from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, listens attentively and her comments are always clear and to the point.

          Virginia Meza

          You'll Love It Every Bit As Much As I Do.

          As a solopreneur who started her business just before the pandemic, joining Shula's Women Entrepreneurs' Support Community was an essential and effective way to build a community of support. This group provides that elusive space - the one that far surpasses the usual networking group where as Shula's says, we often wear masks of "having it all together." This group is a come as you are, speak your truth, get inspired, community of like-minded folks. You'll love it every bit as much as I do, promise.

          Jackie Schoemaker-Holmes, PhD , Empowerment Specialist

          The resilience assessment is a different approach and helped identify where I have some hidden challenges.

          I love learning about myself as a human and as a leader. The PR6 resilience assessment was appealing as it was a different approach and helped identify where I have some hidden challenges. They're the type of challenges only the people closest to me would really know about, and this highlighted how they're impacting me. As a result of the session, I'm more mindful of how those are showing up on a day-to-day basis, and I'm checking with myself to ensure I'm not self-sabotaging by going with my default settings.

          Shulamit approaches everything with compassion and kindness. During the session, I felt understood and cared for as discussed my result, as well as a plan for me work on my growth areas.

          Maggie Patterson , Small Business Boss

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